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Keynote: Competitive factors in online print

“Till now we have not even spoken about printing”, Dr. Michael Fries, CEO of Onlineprinters GmbH, stated in his keynote on Day 2 of the Symposium. His presentation could definitely be regarded as a set of closing remarks brought forward. That’s because he encapsulated the topic of online print. “Of course in the eBusiness print [...]

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How retailers are (re)acting

Conventional retailers and their online competitors are therefore equally under pressure. Sales channels are changing and market shares are constantly shifting in favor of online retailers. Although percentage growth is lower, growth in absolute terms however continues unabated. “And the biggest beneficiary at a current market share of more than 41 percent is Amazon”, remarked [...]

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Meeting individual customer requirements

Reto Schmid, CEO La Conditoria After all, customers take flexibility and individuality in all aspects of life for granted nowadays. This is a challenge that even confectionery businesses have to face up to, as Reto Schmid, owner and CEO of Grisons-based La Conditoria und Marcel Schmid GmbH, affirmed. “What matters to our customers [...]

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The mobile customer journey

Caroline Langer, International Marketing Manager iAdvize That certainly does not apply to accompanying consumers on the customer journey. That’s because modern online shoppers want to communicate with the companies they buy from – on social media apps, on mobile corporate websites or on dedicated apps – irrespective of location. “93% of online shoppers [...]

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Dynamic pricing in the print industry

Jan Lippert, Director Sales & Authorized Officer prudsys AG Yet that is evidently only one aspect of full automation that is increasingly gaining ground. Jan Lippert, Director Sales & Authorized Officer of prudsys AG, explained in his presentation how all transaction data can be processed across channels. That’s because artificial intelligence and machine [...]

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Tortoise and hare

Perhaps this statement by Dr. Michael Fries is the key insight provided by the 5th Online Print Symposium, which once again offered a great deal that is difficult to summarize in just one sentence. Yet one message that the delegates certainly took with them is the fact that technology in the form of machinery is [...]

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Insights by one of the Moderators Bernd Zipper

Bernd Zipper, CEO zipcon consulting GmbH Friday afternoon at 2:45 – and the rows of seats are still full of people. That clearly speaks volumes for the quality of the Online Print Symposium, which was staged for the fifth time on April 6 and 7, 2017 in Munich. When nearly 300 visitors thoroughly [...]

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Keynote: Forever startup

To what extent online print is a combination of state-of-the art production methods, automated processes and the online sales channel was illustrated by Hartmut Kappes, Group CFO at Flyeralarm. “Nothing less than refocusing daily on customers’ needs guarantees long-term customer relationships,“ he said in his keynote and warned: “Yesterday’s performance no longer gets any applause [...]

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